Yaber is a world-famous entertainment projector brand founded by Vicent in 2018, dedicated to providing innovative entertainment projectors and creating perfect and immersive audio-visual experiences for everyone.
Currently, Yaber entertainment projectors are available in over 46 countries around the globe. Every year, nearly 1 million individuals and families enjoy the happiness that Yaber entertainment projectors create.

The winning point of Yaber is always the R&D capability. We believe that continuous research brings life-changing innovation.
Yaber has an excellent R&D team with a superior international vision and professionalism. 80% of the members had worked in the North American, European, and Asian well-known companies. 30% of engineers have a Master's degree, and 10% of them hold a Doctor's degree.

Being a pioneer in the entertainment projector industry, Yaber continuously produces innovative and excellent entertainment projectors, creates and leads a better lifestyle, and brings the chance of getting closer to people around.